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Rail tickets

Rail service is an efficient and popular mode of transport. First and foremost, you should think about travelling by train.

Travelling by train has many advantages. First of all it is a reliable way to reach a destination. Next, it is cost-efficient and fast type of transport. Also trains are very comfortable and mostly arrive to the central railway stations.

In accord to the general conditions of carriage for rail passenger transportation, the ticket is the document that confirmed the passenger carriage and provides the accommodation and additional service.

There are two main forms of the train tickets, such as a traditional paper ticket and an electronic ticket purchased on WikiTransport.com.

The ticket is to indicate the name of the passenger and sometimes other passport details. If the ticket doesn’t have personal passenger details, the lost ticket can’t be replaced. All types of tickets have the route with the address of the departure and destination.

Modern Internet technologies give an opportunity to buy tickets online.

Travel privilege and train tickets discounts are provided only for some categories of people in cases which are regulated by current law.

The passenger transportation is only performed if the passenger has personal identification document. You can travel by intercity train using any identification document with a photo. If you travel internationally to Europe, the ticket must contain the data of the international passport and visa details. Purchasing ticket on the international trains is possible if only you have the international passport and the legal visa.

Transport companies have a right to realize the entire ticket for all modes of transport which provides transportation services of the different carriers. This ticket has the data about transfer from bus to train or plane. These combined transportations are performed by bus, rail and aviation transport.

Increasingly cost influences on the choice of the transport. For instance, you can buy a cheap train ticket but it will take more time to get the destination or the trip won’t be so long but you overpay for the airline ticket.

The customers choose the mode of transport in accordance with the ticket prices which are very different. If you have a short trip, it is better to use bus rather than plane and train because the price will be much cheaper.

In accord to the aim of travelling, the passenger combines the different modes of transport, so that the trip will be cost-efficient or fast.