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Bus service is one of the most comfortable modes of transport. Travelling by bus becomes much more popular despite the other modes of transport.

The international, regional and transfer bus routes carry people to many countries and provide the cheapest fare. The buses are more local and cost-efficient in comparison to the rail and air transport.

The modern online technologies give an opportunity to track regular routes in most European countries and also in some Asian and American countries.

The bus transportation is closely connected with tourism. Travelling by bus is up to date, cheap, usually fast and convenient.

The buses are common in many countries. For instance, Germans can get information about the bus routes’ regularity from Warsaw, Kiev or Moscow to the nearest cities or even countries. You can view the bus route data and also the transport model. For example, it is used such models as Setra, Van Hool, Neoplan and Mercedes for long distance routes.

Bus service that travel internationally is especially convenient due to the fact that the long distance travelling has such facilities as air conditioning, electrical sockets, toilet, TV and others.
The intercity and regional bus routes have different capacity due to the distance. Airport shuttle service operates to any destination via private vans.

The buses are currently important in the cases of the unexpected circumstances or flight cancels. In these cases, you can organize your trip using multiple bus networks.

Bus tickets

According to the general conditions of carriage for coach passenger transportation, the ticket is the document that confirmed the passenger carriage.

E-ticket contains the name of the passenger and other information is registered in the data base. If you buy a ticket at the bus terminal and it doesn’t contain the personal data, the lost ticket can’t be replaced. All travel documents indicate the name of the route with the departure and arrival details.

The modern Internet technologies provide the tickets’ purchase via websites.

The ticket’s details can be made in accordance with the scale of changes.

The change and cancellation of the bus routes:

The penalty expenses due to force majeure changes are calculated in connection with the current law and option contract. The coach company does not compensate the customers’ losses due to the route cancellation.

The right to travel is contingent on having a valid ticket. It is prohibited to transfer a ticket to another person.

You can get a partial refund on unused ticket only before the departure. It is necessary to make a refund request and have a valid ticket.

A bus ticket can be purchased via the Internet or at the booking office, the terminals and other sales offices. You can book the bus or coach ticket without prepayment on the

Travel privilege is provided only for some categories of people in cases which are regulated by the current law.

International and intercity bus operators start selling tickets in advance and if there are available seats.

You can reserve bus and coach tickets by phone or via the website with some commission which can be included into the fare. Also, the cost contains the duty on obligatory state insurance.

The passengers can get discounts on bus fares. You should submit the document which gives the right to have the privilege on travelling by intercity and international buses. Children are entitled to get discounts which can be performed during the payment.

The passenger transportation is only performed if the passenger has personal identification document. You can travel by intercity train using any identification document with a photo. If you travel internationally to Europe, you must have an international passport and visa. Purchasing ticket on the international trains is possible if only you have the international passport and the legal visa.

According to the contract, the transport company is obliged to provide transportation of the passenger and the luggage to the destination. If the passenger infringes the transport rules, the company representative (the bus driver) has the right to drop off the passenger without any cost compensation.

The transport company has the right to sell the entire ticket which gives an opportunity to travel by different modes of transport. Combined ticket contains the data about transfers from the bus to the train or plane. The long multimodal transportations are performed by coach or aviation transport. Airport transfer, water or train transport is defined as combined passenger transportation.

Increasingly cost influences on the choice of the transport. For instance, you can buy a cheap train ticket but it will take more time to get the destination or the trip won’t be so long but you overpay for the airline ticket.

According to the aim of travelling, the passenger combines the different modes of transport, so that the trip will be cost-efficient or fast.


Bus and coach transportation

The transport company has the right to replace transport unknown to the passengers and terminal. In the case of damage, the company can provide the bus with lower comfort level.

The route delay can be performed without any compensation.

According to the rules, the transporter is obliged to transport the passenger to the destination before the deadline, except uncontrollable circumstance. In the case of the passenger refusal due to the route delay, the transporter is obliged to refund the ticket cost.



Main types of the bus tickets

Bus paper ticket purchased at the bus station is a common travel document. The bus driver is obliged to accept the ticket and provide the seat to the passenger. In the case of loss, the paper ticket, which does not indicate the name of the passenger, can’t be replaced.

E-ticket can be purchased via the Internet and registers in the data basis specifying the name of the passenger, the phone number and other details.

Other types of ticket can be paper but contain the unique identifier for the embarking on the bus.


Tickets for buses in Europe:

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