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The most important feature of each trip is a necessity to use different types of transport, so the modern world goes over to the system of passenger transportation.

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Passenger transport in the countries of the world:

Europe: Germany, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Belgium, Estonia, Moldova and other European countries.

Asia: India, Turkey, China, Thailand, Israel, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Nepal, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and some other Asian countries.

America: USA, Canada, Mexico. Transportation between the American countries.

Africa: Egypt, Morocco. General Description of Africa.

Travel guide and information about passenger transportations in Europe (from Greece to Iceland), in Asia (from Turkey to China) and in the Americas (US, Canada, Mexico).

European capitals: Moscow, Warsaw, Berlin, Rome, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Kiev, Chisinau. Cities: Munich, Krakow, Naples, Venice, Brno, Kosice and others.



All means of transport:

According to the ticket price, the flight time and the baggage allowance, you can choose suitable mode of transport. Increasingly the flight rate, the travel length between the cities and the possibility to transfer to European countries are the most important factors before planning a trip. The most convenient route gives a possibility to choose aviation, rail or bus transport. If there is indirect passenger transportation, you should combine the different modes of transport in order to save time and money.

Each type of transport has its own advantages and disadvantages, so we should decide how better to get to the necessary town or country. You can get fast exactly where you want to be but it will be very expensive. It is cheaper if the trip is longer and there are transfers. So, can help you to choose an appropriate route, mode of transport and cost. Wikitransport will find the most comfortable, cheapest and fastest route to the necessary city.

To get to the nearest city the passenger can neglect a little comfort, but the long-distance travel requires the best choice among a range of different types of transport.

Travelling to the south or Asian countries usually needs to get in time and comfortably. In this case, transport is used only for a vacation. In addition, travelling is closely linked with the airport transfer by bus or train. However, you should know exactly how to get to the place if you plan a self-guide tour. It goes without saying that you should use a guidebook, information tourism services, the carrier’s websites and etc.

Tourism service is connected to the long distance passenger transportation using charter flights and airport transfer, so the multimodal transportation or combined transportation is an integral part of the tourism. Tourism, migration and business help to develop all modes of transport combined into one transcontinental system.

There are a lot of different types of travel, but mostly cost and time influence on your transport choice.


Automobile transport is much more dynamic and it has a large variety of the independent carriers and routes. However, you can buy return ticket on the bus from the other countries only via the Internet. Bus service provides regional, international and charter routes or it is often used for passenger transportation from the airports and railway stations.


Air transportation is the most expensive mode of passenger transport and it is highly remunerative and much more progressive type in many countries around the world. At the same time the intercontinental transportation is impossible without air transport and you can buy plane ticket everywhere. Due to the capital intensity, some underdeveloped countries can’t provide mass transportation but there are a lot of low cost airline companies which develop airlines industry. There are flights to the different European countries, most Asian and American countries and others. Moreover, air transportation should be combined with airport transfer by bus or train.


Railway service is a classical mode of transport which transports passengers to a long distance. Due to the capital intensity and monopolization in many countries, there are fewer railway ticket agents and at the same time railway service provides much more passenger transportations. Trains are commonly used all around the world. It is an increasingly cost-efficient, fast and frequent mode of transport. provides information about transport and sells tickets to three continents. It is very helpful for travelling, coach surfing, backpacking, business and self-guided tours. If you need package tour, you can buy it in travel agency.


Passenger transportation

All passengers must follow the rules and regulations, concerning to the advance payment, route registration, flight check-in and travel restrictions.

Domestic passenger transportation is subject to the national norms and rules. Regional, international and transit transportation is performed in accordance with the international agreement of the border crossing.

All means of transport have the same norms but they differ in specific design or special features. Due to the mode of transport and the type of transportation (intercity, trans-regional, international and so on), there are some differences in the rules.

International and intercontinental routes are subject to the specific border crossing rules, including customs clearance, airport zone and transitional rules.

The rules of domestic and regional routes depend on the type of transport and the safety rate (luggage screening for flights and low safety rate for trains and coaches).

Passenger is obligated to provide correct personal data.

You can book only the plane or bus ticket without any prepayment. It is impossible to reserve the train ticket.



Transport - is a system means for moving from one place to another.

Passenger transport is a complex of the communication lines, the modes of transport, the technical equipment and engineering structures which provide the passenger transportation.

Tourist transport is a means for the tourists’ transportation which is provided by the personal vehicle or public transport and also it can be used for the other purposes.

Due to the goals and features, the tourists can use different modes of transport.

According to World Tourism Organization, there are distinguished the main types, such as land, water and air transport.

Each mode of transport has the comfort level, differs in the travel speed, the usage rate, popularity in the different regions and above all, it is cost.

The usage of each type of transport depends on the economic efficiency.

Coach and automobile transport is used for distant places up to 500 km.

Aviation and other air transports are mainly used for long distance or travelling to hard to get area.

Water transport provides cargo or passenger transportation, having waterways.

Space transport is for the cargo and passenger transportation to the Earth’s orbit or other planets and satellites. It is very expensive and unpopular among tourists. If you take the long view, it will be used by the space tourists.